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National Central Library has a wide range of statistics and surveys published by the government that are have high reference value. In 1998, it set up a government statistical database to facilitate readers’ needs. The system contains around 650 types of statistical data from government agencies. To date, over 2.4 million pages of scanned image and over 680 thousands of metadata records had been provided on Government Statistics website, and still the volume of data keeps increasing.

Content: Comprised of statistical annuals, special projects, and survey reports issued by the central and local governments.

Contributing Agencies: Legislative Yuan, Judicial Yuan, Examination Yuan, Control Yuan, Executive Yuan, and their affiliated ministries and commissions, and local governments at county and municipal levels.

Topics: healthcare, medicine & hygiene; transportation; education & culture; national economy; banking & finance; human resources; social welfare; labors & employers; judicature & crimes; geographic environment, etc.

The database offers 2 search modes: quick search, & advanced search. Searches can be limited according to publication dates, publication titles, statistical reports & dispatches, new arrivals, and the latest statistical figures & titles. In order to provide better publication information, we established the Statistical Publication Guide to present a general overview of statistics & investigations published or digital information uploaded by the government. We also provide search interface and links to the definitions of government statistical terms. This system provides increased public access to government statistical information.

The system has the following features:

  • 1. Instantly supply the latest statistical figures and data prepared by the government.
  • 2. Archive tables and content, full texts and images of government statistical publications.
  • 3. Provide government statistical information from across organizations/institutes and subject matter.
  • 4. Provide new title information of government statistical publications as collected.
  • 5. Provide searchable definitions of government statistical terms and related links.
  • 6. Provide easy and convenient search capabilities.


  • 1.PDF format images(including scanned images and original electronic files)
  •  (1)2333587 pages of scanned images (PDF format images converted from the scanned TIFF or JPG format images)
  •  (2)12908 electronic files in PDF format (original electronic files)
  • 2.709165 metadata records(since 1998)